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  • Summer Update

    August 29th, 2016

    Hello TAP Family, We hope everyone had a fun and safe summer!! We really enjoyed watching the summer Olympics but we are extremely excited to watch the Paralympics as TAP’s own Michelle Konkoly will compete for 4 golds medals! In July, she broke the world record in the 50 meter free and has her sights […]

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  • Man, February has flown by….

    February 23rd, 2016

    Good Evening, TAP Family!  I know it has been a couple months since our last blog but we have a lot of updating to do!  As we end the month of February we will be finishing our 12th NFL Combine class here in Naples.  We are very excited about our 4 guys and the future […]

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  • Detraining (is) for Dummies

    October 15th, 2015

    Detraining (is) for Dummies Derek Touchette Sports Performance Director, Total Athletic Performance –Naples   We at Total Athletics’ love it when our athletes tell us that they’ve started their season in the best shape of their lives, and athletes who train consistently and intensely with us during their off-season typically do. As you probably know, […]

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  • Sleep is your best friend!

    September 25th, 2015

    Sleep!   Most athletes would agree that getting enough sleep is important for optimal sports performance, but until recently this was just a theory without much evidence to back it up. But now researchers are discovering just how much sleep deprivation can impact athletic performance. Sleep researchers are discovering that sleep deprivation can have a […]

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  • Change is in the Air

    September 1st, 2015

    Change is in the air here at TAP! We have a new and improved website, changes to schedules, and some cool new features coming. First of the changes is going to be in the Athletic Sculpt sessions. We are going back to the original sessions from way back in the day starting Monday September 14th! […]

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  • Легальныя дэпазіты ў Інтэрнэт-казіно Вавада БУ

    April 22nd, 2003

    Выбіраем слот ад аператараў у онлайн-казіно Выбар видеослота шмат у чым залежыць ад пэўных пажаданняў самога юзера. Калі ўдзельнік зацікаўлены ў тым, каб весці гульню ў сучасныя слоты, ён будзе з задавальненнем шукаць усе магчымыя новыя хіты. Вельмі вялікая колькасць слот апаратаў у 2021 і 2022 гадах з’явілася ад Rival, Aristocrat і Habanero. Менавіта гэтыя […]

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