Man, February has flown by….

February 23, 2016

Good Evening, TAP Family!  I know it has been a couple months since our last blog but we have a lot of updating to do!  As we end the month of February we will be finishing our 12th NFL Combine class here in Naples.  We are very excited about our 4 guys and the future they have in the NFL.  Xavien Howard and I will be traveling to Indy this week for the Combine.  Here Xavien will show the NFL why he is one of the top Cornerback prospect in this year’s draft…While we are in Indy he will go thru a full medical review by all 32 teams, meet with the media, teams and team psychologists all before he has to go perform on the last he is there, which is Monday the 29th.  While, I will be there with him, it’s a lot of hurry and wait for me, but the man purpose of me being there is to make sure he see a familiar face and to make sure is ready to fly on Monday.  The other 3 players we have down will all have a Pro Day at their respective schools.  Pro Day is there version of the Combine, where they will go through a very similar thing as the Combine but its only 1 day not 4!  Junior Lee is a Safety for UCONN, if you have seen him there is no doubt to the sport he plays.  He is a physical freak!  Ryan Burbrink is a slot wide receiver from BGSU.  Ryan might be short on height but is full of fight!  He plays a position in which the defense is trying to take his head off.  He comes across the field with the best of them and I except people to say he might be the next Wes Welker!  Last, but not least is Naples own Emmanual Orange.  Emman went to Carson Newman and plays Safety as well. He is coming off a very good weekend where is was at the Calgary Stampede tryouts!  Be on the lookout for more players coming and going through the facility as the NFL vets make their way back in March!

Also, in February my great friend and TAP family member won his first Super Bowl!!  We couldn’t be happier for Jordan Norwood and his beautiful family!  Jordan, more than likely had the best year of his life!  He married is awesome girlfriend and now they have a beautiful little girl!  Man, what a year.  Marriage, baby, and the Super Bowl.  Don’t be surprised if you see him getting better in the facility this off season!

We are also very excited to announce we are the only facility in SWFL to offer the SECA Body Composition Analysis.  Come in an analyze your weight by measuring your body composition, monitor your fat mass, fat-free mass,  muscle mass and total body water Identify early indicators of various diseases and set your goals to
track your progress.  Get all your results summarized in a one-page report! Call us today for an appointment!  239.537.1919
The New Year has been a great start and we are excited for the next few months!  Be on the lookout for some Olympic Lifting Clinics and some 1 day speed camps!

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